We enable rapid growth
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Top Rated Product & UI/UX agency
based in Austin, Texas
Based in Austin, TX
Headquartered in Austin, TX,
we've helped nearly 150+ clients create great user experiences.
We can help you too.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, we’ve have helped nearly 100+ startups & big brands create great user experiences. We can help you, too.  

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We use design to leverage new technologies and bring meaningful experiences to life.

UI/UX Design
Marketing Websites
Staff Augmentation
App Development
Growth Marketing
Artificial Intelligence

Our Clients

We value a great working relationship with our clients above all else. It’s why many of them have worked with us for years as their trusted digital partner.

Ranked among the best user experience agencies worldwide.

We’re consistently named one of the Austin's top UX agencies based on actual client feedback.

The humble UX partner for digital product leaders and teams

Top UX & Creative company
 Austin TX, 2022

You don’t have to take our word for it.

Featured Projects

From Zero to Award-winning MVP with RAWW

ConnectED Athletics / SportsTech

In collaboration with ex-NFL athletes, and coaches we crafted an MVP that's more than a tool—it's a career catalyst for student-athletes and a strategic ally for coaches.


UI/UX Design
iOS Development

Designing the world's first AI Operating system for learning


How our partnership resulted in creating Interactive Bots, Relatable branding, Next-gen adoptive learning platform and No-code studio.


Strategic UX Partnership
Web Design
Video Production

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Going from paper to digital

Mobile Maintenance / FieldTech

How we helped a market leader to digitally transform their tranditional process


UI/UX Design
iOS Development
Web App Development

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Innovating Real-Time Intelligence

Xsell Technologies / SalesTech

Our work with Xsell technologies led to a refined user experience designed for data scientists, advancing ML algorithms for dynamic, real-time coaching capabilities.


Strategic UX Partnership

Reimagining 2FA: User-Driven Security with Evo Security

Evo Security / Cybersecurity

We aided Evo Security in enhancing their 2FA app, marrying robust security with streamlined user experience.


Strategic UX Partnership

Building a website for Ex-google alumini network

Xoogler / Community

We worked with Xoogler to build a website that helps former Googlers easily find community, investment opportunities, and new career paths.


Web development

New patient experience

Navigate Patient / Healthcare

How we built a healthcare platform to provide a seamless educational experience for cataract patients.


Strategic UX Partnership
Web Application Development

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Creating a refreshed identity for Kronologic

Kronologic / SalesTech

Website and scalable design system for the AI-Assited sales automation scaleup.


Web Design
Web Development

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Your Full-Service UX & Creative Team

Our company values every individual as an integral part of our team, not just employees. We are based around the globe and prioritize clear, rapid communication. Our team members aren't contractors, they're treasured components of our organization who constantly engage in up-to-date training. Whether we function as your supplemental UX team or integrate with your existing team, we're always adapting and enhancing our services to meet your needs.

Our Packages

Product Vision
4-6 Weeks
Rapidly crystallize your vision, create a prototype, and validate it through this focused and synergistic sprint.
Value: Validate your concept and expedite its market entry.
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Design &
Branding Trial
2 Weeks
Is your product in need of a design overhaul? Opt for our 2-week intensive design trial, tailored to set your team on the path to rapid success.
Value: Revamp key screens, conduct a UX audit, and prototype essential flows. All aimed at elevating your product's user experience.
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Full Service
Streamline your success with one-stop access to UI/UX design, branding, video production,  development and more.
Value: Eliminate vendor and freelancer chaos. Get Access to our entire team and network for the price of a single hire.
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Precious UX - Hassle-free UX for digital product leaders & dev teams | Product Hunt
Elevate your product's UX with a dedicated design team that's agile, data-driven, and perfectly aligned with your business goals. All the expertise, none of the overhead.
Value: Streamline your design workflow with specialized support tailored for product leaders and dev teams. One subscription unlocks endless possibilities for agile, data-driven design.
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Our Expertise Extends Across Industries

By driving digital potential at every step of business lifecycle, we mean creating powerful user-centered design solutions and branding for complex systems, apps, and websites. We utilize clients’ business knowledge and our industry expertise to tackle any design challenge.

Sports & Entertainment
Agencies & Consultancies
Sales & Marketing
Enablement Technology
Logistics & Manifacturing

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Access to our entire team and network for the price of a single hire

What are your core services as a UX design firm?

At Precious Studio, user experience is the essence of our identity, not just a service we offer. Beginning as a UX design agency in Austin, we concentrated on mobile apps and SaaS software, aligning with the burgeoning tech scene.Our journey expanded into branding, driven by our passion and client demand, leading us to offer comprehensive brand design and web development services.Today, we cater to a diverse range of projects, from launching new products and crafting brand identities to rejuvenating existing apps, websites, and enterprise systems. We excel in creating digital solutions that fully capture a brand's essence and offer delightful user experiences.Our team adeptly covers all facets needed to bring a digital product to life, encompassing user research, product strategy, branding, UI/UX design, usability testing, prototyping, and web development.Additionally, our in-house capabilities extend to content production, offering creative direction, graphic design, motion graphics, sound design, and copywriting, ensuring a holistic approach to user experience.For our web-based projects, we integrate SEO considerations into our design and development process, enhancing the online visibility of our client's digital platforms. While we focus on embedding SEO in our comprehensive services, we do not offer it as an isolated service.

How is the cost structure determined for design projects at Precious Studio?

Pricing at Precious Studio is tailored to each project, ensuring transparency and value for our clients. We offer both subscription models for ongoing support and project-based engagements. The cost is determined based on the complexity, duration, and specific requirements of your project, ensuring you receive a bespoke solution that aligns with your budget and goals.

What distinguishes Precious Studio in creating comprehensive digital experiences across various sectors?

Precious Studio stands out by offering a broad spectrum of services, all rooted in enhancing user experience. From UX design for mobile apps and SaaS software to full-service brand design, our team specializes in crafting digital products that resonate with your brand's personality. We handle everything from user research, product strategy, to web design and development, ensuring a cohesive and engaging digital presence. Our approach is not just about creating visually appealing designs; it's about building experiences that connect and convert.

Does Precious Studio collaborate with clients across different time zones?

Yes, our team at Precious Studio is adept at managing projects across various time zones. We value clear communication and flexible scheduling to ensure seamless collaboration with clients worldwide. Our global approach allows us to understand diverse markets and cater to a wide range of international clients effectively.

Does Precious Studio work with startups?

Precious Studio is committed to supporting startups at various stages of their journey. We offer tailored packages designed to help startups from the idea stage to their growth phase. Our services are not limited to startups; we also work with enterprise clients, providing a diverse range of solutions to meet the unique challenges and objectives of businesses at different scales.

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