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Project Overview

In the rapidly advancing world of education technology, there's a growing demand for platforms that integrate AI, interactive tools, and personalized learning experiences. Amidst this dynamic landscape, educators and institutions seek transformative solutions.

Knomadix, deeply rooted in the EdTech domain, recognized these needs. They aspired to create a platform that would not only address the modern requirements of educators and students but also elevate user experience standards. Their ambition was to provide a seamless and unified experience across their suite of products, notably the AI-assisted "Classroom" software and the No-code lesson creation platform.

" We think they’re rock stars at what they do. All our stakeholders are excited about what's happening, and the changes are jaw-dropping. "

- Ramesh Balan, CEO, Knomadix

A Strategic UX Partnership Delivering Comprehensive Design Solutions

As a strategic UX partner, we embarked on a comprehensive design journey with Knomadix. This included a complete rebranding, the creation of a new design system, a UX/UI redesign, and a complete web design and development overhaul.One of the notable achievements of our partnership was the design of an interactive chatbot experience targeted for K-12 students. These animated bots, unique in their design and functionality, perform interventions to enhance the learning process. This approach aligns with Knomadix's vision of putting the benefits of AI in the hands of districts, schools, and teachers in a completely custom way.

Branding Revitalization

We embarked on a journey to redefine Knomadix's brand identity. Through collaborative brainstorming and design iterations, we crafted a brand that resonated with its ethos and appealed to its target audience.

UI/UX Overhaul

Understanding the unique requirements of both the "Classroom" software and the No-code platform, we redesigned the user interfaces. The focus was on simplicity, intuitiveness, and ensuring a seamless user journey.

Website Design & Development

Our strategic UX partnership with Knomadix demonstrates our commitment to delivering transformative design solutions that not only enhance user experience but also drive business growth. We're proud to be part of Knomadix's journey and look forward to continuing our work together.

Interactive Bot Experience

To further enhance the learning experience, we introduced an interactive bot tailored for K-12 students. These animated bots, designed to offer timely interventions, added a layer of interactivity and personalization to the platform.

The Impact: A Resounding Success

Post-implementation, Knomadix witnessed a surge in user engagement and positive feedback. The revamped brand identity, coupled with the enhanced UI/UX and interactive bot experience, positioned Knomadix as a leader in the EdTech space.

Our collaboration with Knomadix doesn't end here. We continue to work closely, exploring new avenues of innovation and ensuring that Knomadix remains at the forefront of EdTech advancements.

" Our app sales took off and grew into triple digits after 2019. The app they designed for us changed our company’s image and the way we were perceived; it was a massive jump from the app's previous generation. Our users have been incredibly happy with the product and the new UI/UX. "

- Ramesh Balan, CEO, Knomadix

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