Rethinking patient cataract surgery experience

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Rethinking patient
surgery experience

Nearly 4 million cataract procedures are performed annually every year in North America. However, cataract surgery and treatment are routine encounters for the medical professionals involved in the practice. For a patient, it is a complicated and unpleasant problem. It impacts their overall perception of the surgeons spending enough time with them. This gap between the experience widens with the fact that patients have to go through multiple layers of medical professionals until they get the treatment done and get their perfect eyesight back. This is where patient education becomes a vital part of overall patient satisfaction.

We partnered up with the founders, who are veterans in medical management, to help their mission to narrow this experience gap. This is by designing a comprehensive HIPAA-compliant platform that all the parties involved can use and provide more significant benefits to medical professionals and patients.

The project started with a strategic vision for the experience and finished by delivering an all-encompassing offering, including strategy, branding, UI/UX, and a design system for continuous development. They envisioned a first-of-its-kind approach to streamlining the patient journey. From the first touchpoint of a patient's journey, the patient is paired with a "Navigator." A "Navigator" is a qualified medical educator who will educate, provide guidance, and schedule appointments. So patients are always aware of their next steps and get personalized care.

Experience anchored for patient journey

The platform had to interact with patients, Navigators, and several different layers of medical professionals. However, we designed the patient journey experience to be the anchor point of the platform and everything else to compliment that effort. Which in return made sure the patient is the hero of the initiative and in their journey.

Brand focus on
Navigating the Patient

Navigate is all about providing great care and satisfaction to patients by providing guidance and support. That’s why the founders wanted to call educators “Navigators”. Having that grand vision in mind, we felt the “North Star” depicts their intentions very well and matches well for their visual identity. And that became the symbol of the brand.