From Zero to Award-winning MVP

RAWW - A unified design system for a truly global brand

The SportsTech industry, where passion meets innovation, is at the heart of a groundbreaking change. From recruitment to fan engagement, technology is shaping a new era for sports. With this, athletes can leverage their personal brand value to open up a new realm of deserved opportunities, and amplify their potential. The RAWW founding team consisting former professional athletes and coaches, wanted to create a platform that would help student-athletes achieve their goals while also providing them with career transition resources.

For the student-athletes, we aimed to design an application that would be not just a tool, but a companion on their journey towards their dream colleges and careers beyond sports. It had to be intuitive, trendy, and engaging - something that speaks their language and makes them feel understood, supported, and motivated.As for the recruiters and coaches, we wanted to create an application that would streamline their recruitment process and make their jobs easier and more effective. They needed a tool that was efficient, reliable, and professional - a resource they could trust to help them find the right athletes for their teams.

So the challenge was not just about making the app functional, but also making it delightful. Beyond a flawless user experience, we had to create a brand that both demographics would find appealing. It was about combining style and substance, and building a brand identity that both student-athletes and coaches could resonate with and feel proud to be a part of a tribe.

This careful balance of understanding our users, creating an intuitive user experience, and building an appealing brand was our main challenge in the creation of the RAWW app. Game on!


Through close collaboration with the RAWW team, we crafted a mobile app that meets the needs of student-athletes, recruiters and coaches alike. Designed to help student-athletes score the right college spots, RAWW also offers them a unique opportunity to harness the untapped potential of NIL monetization in a fun and fitting way. The app enhances their exposure to recruiters, provides personalized recommendations, and offers guidance on NIL monetization. With better UX, RAWW makes the lives of student-athletes easier by enabling a path to college success.

Branding Phase

During the branding phase, we researched the target audience extensively and developed a design system that incorporated current trends while remaining timeless. We worked closely with the founding team to develop a visual identity that resonated with both student-athletes and coaches, using subject matter expertise to create a professional yet engaging design.


The beta testing phase of the RAWW app has been extremely successful, with exceptional feedback from both student-athletes and coaches. The app increased beta user registrations, and we are excited to see the impact that it will have on the recruitment process for student-athletes. Our branding and design solutions have helped the founding team achieve their goals and objectives, resulting in increased user engagement and business success.