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Kronologic develops a calendar monetization platform that converts sales leads into meetings. They are scale-up based in Austin, Texas. Kronologic recently raised 20 Million USD.

The CEO & Head of Marketing were looking for a refreshed visual identity for their product landing page to communicate their brand and message better. They had just found their product-market fit and were ready to mass-scale their business operations.

The challenge was to build a website that converts by communicating its central message of “effortless efficiency.”

We built a design system along with custom animated iconography that can be easily scaled and adopted with their hyper changing marketing requirements.

Focused on conversation

Every interaction and creative content was focused on highlighting the value propositions of the platform, while visually supporting the copy content.

Effortless Efficiency

We focused on visualizing the notion of “Effortless Efficiency" through our playful illustrations and animations.

At the same time, we also wanted to communicate that Kronologic is a “friendly”, “approachable”, and "fun to work with" team that brings impact and innovation to the industry.

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